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Our Company

Be happy, work hard, play hard. A happy oyster is a tasty oyster!​

Scott Ruf is a life long fisherman with a passion for the sea.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Washington. Scott's love for family, food, fishing, and farming has led him to this- starting a company that combines his retail business career with his zest for farming and entertaining.  

Alysha Ruf was raised in a family whose motto was "there's always room at our table". She received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts at the University of Arizona. You see how the art meets the science here, right? Alysha has a passion for friends, family, food, and laughing. Her professional career has been in retail and sales, with a side search of the never ending quest for decadence. Oysters and bubbles anyone? 




Why oysters you ask? Why not, really...did you know...


*Oysters are an booster for your body's functionality and health! They are an excellent source of protein and zinc and high levels of vitamin Dvitamin B12ironcoppermangnese,and selenium, niacinriboflavin,thiamin, vitamin Cphosphoruspotassium, and sodium. Oysters are also a great source for good cholesterol, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and water!

*Oysters are natural filters for the ocean. They help make a safer habitat for fish and sea creatures by removing bacteria, sediment, and even oil from water! Oysters can filter up to 5 liters of water per hour!

*Oysters can help your garden grow! Oyster shells' calcium helps the pH balance in your garden's soil which makes your plants stronger and healthier! 

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